Coaching With CJ

Why you want me as your coach…

When we pick someone to guide and lead us to a certain result, it is important to explore what qualifies them to be coaching you in that area. To that end, I share my story – for two reasons actually. 1) You become assured I am qualified to teach about forgiveness and 2) You can use my story as an example for your own growth and healing. Allow me to share what things were like for me for 30+ adult years and what they’re like today… Scroll down to see the coaching programs if you prefer to skip my story

It was a difficult childhood for me, second oldest of six. Life was chaotic, dysfunctional, and confusing. Even though I was provided with many opportunities and experiences, I left with the underlying feelings that I was no good and would never amount to anything – I was worthless. My confidence and self-esteem were in the toilet.

After leaving home, I went to college to become a nurse. Senior year, I got a Valentine’s Day card from my fiancee, saying he’d married someone else. Imagine my devastation and hysteria. Finally, my roommates took me out to get me drunk and drown my sorrow. The thing is, I never quit drinking, not for thirty years. 

During that time, I was married to a fellow alcoholic for twenty years, and practiced as a registered nurse for twenty-seven. I was miserable. I resented everyone, looked to others to make me happy. I was always disappointed… In my marriage, I discovered years after it ended how unreasonable I was with my expectations. I left the marriage when I stumbled across a man whom I believed was my soul mate, the love of my life. 

It was the rejection from this man – an unrequited love – that took me to my drinking bottom; I desperately sought sobriety. After four years sober, I discovered how to forgive my past. The peace and freedom were immediate and immense! At seven years sober, I learned the true use of gratitude. Forgiveness and gratitude changed my life around 180 degrees. Whereas I was a negative, angry, bitter, blaming victim, I am now filled with gratitude and positivity. I have happiness and joy, true miracles in my life. 

So how do I help you? Using the same processes I utilized to get to peace and freedom, I guide you to that place beyond resentment. I offer support, compassion, and understanding as you move forward on your journey of awakening. If this sounds appealing to you, scroll down to see the three programs I offer… 

What Does it Feel Like to be Awakened?

Imagine a sunrise, the sky on fire with hues of pink, orange, and red. Recollect the moment just before the sun pops over the horizon… Feel the excited anticipation as you stand, suspended in time and space, breathless from the wondrous sight. Do you feel the tinge of excitement in your body as you await the sun to appear?

This is what it’s like when you awaken. Your body tingles with deep knowingness of new gratitude, and moments of awe and wonder that come to you. In the second when the sun shines over the horizon, you feel as expansive as the sun and sky. And, just as the sky is filled with far-reaching beauty, so is your ability to notice – to awaken to – all that is around and within you. There is a surge of empowerment when you feel this. Your mind and heart are balanced; your whole body is in sync. You are aware of everything of awakening

Awakening Your Heart :

Experience Serenity at a Deeper Level

This Program Is For You If You Are…

  • Currently unhappy
  • Frequently upset
  • Dreaming of a calmer life

Program Benefits. You Can…

  • See from a new perspective
  • Manage your feelings with confidence
  • Live a calmer life
  • Enjoy improved relationships

This Program Includes…

  • 4 phone or Zoom video sessions
  • 6-weeks of coaching
  • 60-minute-long sessions
  • Recorded for your reference

Bonus… My ebook, In Search of Forgiveness

Repairing your heart

Repairing your Heart: 

Regain Your Life and Spirit      

This Program Is For You If You Are…

  • At odds with others and/or yourself
  • Dreaming of a calmer life
  • Frustrated, stressed, or resentful

Program Benefits. You Can…

  • Heal your heart
  • Resolve frustration, stress, and anger
  • Improve all relationships
  • Begin to forgive
  • Feel relief from guilt

This Program Includes…

  • 9 phone or Zoom video sessions
  • 3 months of coaching
  • 60-minute-long sessions
  • Recorded for your reference
  • Email support X 2/week

Bonus… My ebook, In Search of Forgiveness; Signed copy of Opening the Gates of the Heart

Recovering your light

Recovering Your Light:

Gain the Grace to Shine Your Brilliance 

This Program Is For You If You…

  • Have lost your sense of identity
  • Feel depressed and useless at times
  • Are/were in a traumatic relationship

Program Benefits. You Can…

  • Grow confidence, esteem, and worth
  • Discover compassion for self/others
  • Release resentment
  • Begin to forgive self and others

This Program Includes…

  • 12 phone or Zoom video sessions + 2
  • 6 months of coaching
  • 60-minute-long sessions
  • Content recorded for your reference
  • Email support X 5/week

Bonus… My ebook, In Search of ForgivenessSigned copies of Opening the Gates of the Heart and The Art of Forgiveness