CJ’s Book Club


Are you looking for relief, comfort, and peace
from the turbulence and divisiveness
that exists in our world today?


There is a way to get beyond angst,
it’s guaranteed to soothe your soul!


To get there,
allow yourself…

to be transported to a place
where you find freedom to
live your life to the fullest,

where you feel more confident,

with more self-esteem,

empowerment, and peace.



Discover the healing that occurs at a deep level

through two books authored by me, Carolyn CJ Jones…

Opening the Gates of the Heart and The Art of Forgiveness.

Gain peace and freedom from their pages.



To start our weekly group, we’ll first read through Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing. We become awakened through this book – through both books, actually.



On your journey through its pages, you transform as you experience beautiful photographs of wrought iron gates, coupled with inspirational verses that give voice to each gate image. The verses speak of a way to find peace.


Moments of Wonder is an example of a photo/verse duet…


Moments of Wonder

“A beam of light falls upon the metal.

I look with awe and wonder at the star that appears…

out of nowhere.


“Do you suppose there’s always been such richness,

such wonder, such beauty in the world?

Perhaps, it has been there all along,

waiting to be noticed, to be seen

with the eyes of the heart.”


Here is an example of what might be expressed after reading the couplet: “The verse and image together invite me to see with my heart. I realize I’m worthy to receive the beauty in the world. Additionally, I now know I am worthy to give that beauty, touching others with love, kindness, respect, and tolerance in my heart.” This is an example of how a similar statement could act as a spring-board for discussion. You share your thoughts, or you don’t. It’s up to you.


Here is what one participant

experienced in the book club…

 “CJ’s book club was a delight to be in. Her exploration of her evocative images, her stories about the photographs themselves, and her journey revealed in her text, were an inspiring treasure. I was so grateful to spend time with this talented artist.”

~ Vicki Dello Joio, Founder, Master Teacher of Way of Joy Qigong, Rock Star Speaker, Story-teller programs


Here is what another participant gained…

“The book club gave me an opportunity to not just passively read the narrative and enjoy the pictures, but rather to take a deeper look, facilitated by conversation with others. Each page leads to layers of understanding, chances to share in meaning, and opportunities to learn from others. It is a simple process, but profound in moving each of us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and others – our own journey of healing and enlightenment.”
~ Diana J. Huerta, Management Consultant, djh Consulting, LLC


The gates book promotes peace. Proof of that statement is the silver medal it won for world peace in the 2018 Living Now Evergreen Book Awards. It has won other awards: best cover art, spirituality, photography, and poetry.


After we complete the gates book,
we will read through the international bestselling,
and award-winning “How To” book,
The Art of Forgiveness: A Promise of Peace.



 From the forgiveness book, you further your peace and freedom levels. You become able to resolve resentment and discover forgiveness. Along the way, you learn tools to improve your self-talk, your relationships with others and yourself, and to resolve your stress and chaos.

You learn all of this through the YIPPEE Method of Healing. Forgiveness finds you when you complete the YIPPEE Method. You discover a place within yourself that allows you to forgive. YIPPEE is based on my own journey of holding a resentment for 30+ years, and then finding forgiveness for the offenders. I felt immediate and immense peace and freedom.


But it was more than

forgiveness and peace and freedom.

I started being more willing and more agreeable

by opening my heart to those I’d forgiven, including myself.

I became able to see, to become aware, and to live in a state of gratitude and positivity, all from the YIPPEE Method I created, and furthered through The Art of Forgiveness.

You, too, can experience all that leads you to forgiveness, and the resulting peace and freedom you experience.


To join the club so you can
read these two masters and
experience what these women did,


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CJ’s Book Club

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We meet every Friday, starting on
May 28, 2021 from 3:00 – 4:00 pm PST

for one hour of catching your breath

and gaining inspiration.

Membership is $27 per month, including coaching.


Coaching is available to you on these calls, if desired and as appropriate, based on what we’re reading and what you’re experiencing.


When we get done reading both books, we’ll start over with the gates book, and then repeat the forgiveness book. You will see new things, have new feelings and deeper revelations with the re-reads. After all, you are a different person every day, which means you have grown, healed, and evolved. Because of this, you can discover new truths and soothings when you re-read the books. After the second read, we’ll re-evaluate using different books.



Read through CJ’s books
with the group
To get to peace…
To experience freedom…


Leave the hour inspired and refreshed,
ready to manage any difficulties with an underlying sense of peace.


To Join CJ’s Book Club and Support Group…

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This is life-changing.



I look forward to your presence
each week as you unwind
and catch your breath, so you can
gain your footing from the past week and
unwind for the weekend and week ahead.


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