Origin of The Art of Forgiveness

It happened one morning while I was making coffee. That still, quiet voice came to me. It said,”Write your book. Write it now.” I responded out loud to that voice, arguing I couldn’t do that now; I had to find a new job. The voice said, “You have time cause you just lost your full time job and you have money for a month from the severance pay they gave you. Write it now!”  My response was, “I’ll speak at functions,” to which the voice responded, “You write better than you speak. Write the book you’ve been thinking about for years!” I laughed at that; there is some truth to it. 

This conversation brought me up short, as I knew this was my Higher Self talking…  So, I wrote the book. It is now published on Amazon where you can purchase a paperback book or kindle ebook. 

The Art of Forgiveness
A Promise of Peace

Quench Your Thirst for Peace! Forgiveness is an art form. Once you practice this art and the methods described in this book, a world of peace opens to you. What you begin to feel inside is reflected on the outside. In other words, your life around you mirrors your inner peace. You access gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness when you practice what is presented. The results are a life lived in deep peace, freedom, and positivity. Come along. Join the journey on the path to wholeness. Start to resolve your inner turmoil by ordering your copy of The Art of Forgiveness today.

Opening the Gates of the Heart
A Journey of Healing

Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing is evidence of the divine at work in my life, as that force, through me, created a lovely book that is a tribute to the resiliency and beauty of the human spirit. It will enhance your journey to more peace and joy, or help you through a place of woundedness. Read in its entirety, Opening the Gates of the Heart is a pathway to peace. Read one verse at a time, it makes an excellent daily meditation book.



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