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  • Get you to peace from resentment that is eating at you,
  • Assist you to discover the transformational qualities of gratitude,
  • Lead you to explore your mindset, making changes as you care to,
  • Guide you to embark upon a journey into forgiveness.  
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In Search of Forgiveness: Getting Past Your Anger to Find the Life You Want


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Open your heart to parts you’ve locked away,
Discover your worth and worthiness, 

Create peace and freedom through forgiveness… 

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Using my own experiences and a lot of reading and researching, what I have to share can change your life by giving you tools to use to change things that have been bothering you. I guide you to see yourself as worthy and deserving. I offer a way to “be” in the world that improves relationships with yourself and others.


What People Are Saying About CJ

“You made a resentment that was difficult and scary, easy and doable.”                                                ~ G.B., 25 years sober, San Francisco, CA

“Your coaching was like the flashlight I used when I was lost in the dark.”                                                                             ~ A.M., Santa Rosa, CA

Carolyn CJ Jones
The Author

The Art of Forgiveness

“CJ illustrates her book with touching, personal stories of how she has used forgiveness to take her from a well of depression into a world of light. If you, or someone you know, would like to change your life’s outlook to one of openness, forgiveness and self-acceptance, then pick up and read this book. It will change your life.”

~ Wil Dieck, Speaker, Author, Psychology Professor

“The intimacy of her writing style draws you into the healing process that comes with forgiveness.”

~ Linda Diane Wattley, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach

“Carolyn shares powerfully, deeply, and authentically in her book as she takes us on a heart-felt journey through anger and resentment, into a place of forgiveness and peace.”

~ Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Motivational Speaker, Community Leader



Opening the Gates of the Heart

“The magnificence of this gem of a book cannot be overstated. Carolyn takes you on a literary journey into the innermost recesses of your mind to brush away the cobwebs so you can look at yourself with renewed appreciation.  

Words and photos work together to give you an experiential journey into wholeness that will stay with you long after you read the last word. The fractured parts of your soul will be healed, your tired spirit will be rejuvenated, and the closed-off parts of yourself will open once again.   

CJ uses all the suffering in her life as grist for the mill, transforming it into glittering jewels of profound wisdom. Walk with her through the myriad gates of your own heart, and emerge with an all-encompassing love for yourself, humanity, and the heart-aching beauty of the universe that surrounds us.”

~ Norm Tedford, Copywriter, MA

This book is a soothing balm to the hurting soul. If you are hurting, a pain deep in your soul and heart, this book has the key to unlock your heart and allow you to step out again into the light from a dark place. CJ helps you open your heart to experience life again, to find love again and to let the sunshine of forgiveness warm your heart.”
~ Ronald Jewett, Ph.D., Dean, Arts/Sciences College (Ret.), Professor of Psychology, OH

Speaking for your next live or virtual event

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One-on-One Coaching Sessions

I provide personalized & group coaching experiences.

If you are searching for control of your life, wanting to find peace & freedom, CJ is your leader. She has extensive experience in the transformation of her own life & thus, is able to provide a safe & nurturing environment in which to do the heart-work of change. From CJ’s powerful stories, you gain the confidence & courage to begin the journey to more peace & freedom in your own life.